Jail Addresses

 Sample Post Card

Sample Post Card


Bailed Out:

5/24/18 Martha Hennessy, Patrick O'Neill, Carmen Trotta 

So, to the delight of many, Martha, Patrick, and Carmen of the Kings Bay Plowshares, were able to be bailed out of jail this morning!!! The three will have to wear ankle bracelets and be confined to their homes. They intend to work from their homes on organizing, giving interviews and preparing for trial. Meanwhile, Clare, Liz, and Mark have decided not to bail out, but will wait to see if the bail will be reduced. They will continue the jail witness and write, and prepare for trial. Steve Kelly, was not given the option of bail because he has a pending case in Washington State for a protest at the Trident sub base there. 


7/12/18 Clare Grady

Clare was released from Glynn County jail in Brunswick, Georgia. She had been in jail in South Georgia since April 5, 2018 when she and six others entered Kings Bay Submarine Base to symbolically transform swords into plowshares and call for the abolition of nuclear weapons. She will return home to Ithaca New York and will be confined to her home. Clare will be required to wear an electronic ankle monitor. She was fortunate to have friends and supporters able to pay the $5000 bond with $50,000 surety in order to obtain her release. She chose to obtain release at this time because she is innocent and knows that preparing for trial out of jail will be more effective. She will spend her time in Ithaca assiduously preparing to mount a vigorous defense of her and her co-defendants’ innocence. Both international law and domestic law clearly outline the necessity of citizen acting to prevent greater crimes by their government. Nuclear weapons are illegal and immoral and thus citizens have clear right and obligation to act to prevent their use and production.

9/4/18 Mark Colville

Dear Friends…
Most of you will be surprised to hear that I got bailed out of the Glynn County Detention Center on Tuesday afternoon. A week and a half ago I was informed by a local doctor that a cyst-like growth on my left nostril, which has increased in size since I’ve been incarcerated, is In fact cancerous and needs to be promptly removed. Fortunately the prognosis is good; the surgery is non-invasive and virtually always totally successful, with no subsequent therapies expected to be necessary. Actually, my family and I gave serious consideration to my remaining in jail and having the operation done at a Brunswick hospital. However, the gratuitous obstacles that this jail imposes on inmates in need of health care-such as denying me the right to even read the medical reports on my diagnosis, and refusing my request to meet with jail medical staff to discuss my aftercare needs- ultimately led us to regard that option as too risky and emotionally burdensome.
Luz drove down from Connecticut to pick me up, a happy reunion indeed! We will need a few days back home to reunite as a family, discuss terms with the local probation office there, and make the necessary arrangements at Yale New Haven Hospital. When all that is in place, it should become clearer how best to make use of the time that still remains before the trial. In the meantime, be assured that our commitment to the entire Kings Bay Plowshares community and our vision of a disarmed world is as strong as ever. I’m inexpressibly grateful for your constant support which has nurtured my spirit and gladdened my soul during these blessed five months, and to everyone who donated to the bail fund to make my release possible.
Another jail reflection, completed the day before I found out about all of this, will soon be posted from the road as we make our way home. I look forward to being back in touch in the coming days. 
Much love-
Mark Colville

The Names & ID #s 

Elizabeth McAlister #015633

Stephen Kelly #015634

Glynn County Detention Center

100 Sulphur Springs Road

Brunswick, GA 31520

Important, please note: Inmates may only receive plain white pre-stamped postcards. Use only blue or black ink, include the prisoner’s name and number Postcards may not have any pictures nor backgrounds on them. Plain white pre-stamped postcards may be purchased at some Post Offices and online. Do not use any return address labels or other labels. All postcards are subject to search and/or screening. Postcards should have a handwritten return address in situations where the post card must be returned. Inmates cannot receive letters.

Our friends can receive new paperback books from a publisher only. They also may receive newspaper and magazine subscriptions, again only from the publisher. These should include the prisoner’s name and number and mailed to the same address above.

 Martha, Patrick and Carmen as they were released from the Glynn County Detention Center, 5/24/2018

Martha, Patrick and Carmen as they were released from the Glynn County Detention Center, 5/24/2018